About Us

Advancing with firm steps towards a reliable brand in 2014 until today Öz Kahil, raised in Turkey’s most fertile regions. Choose carefully certified products and take care of their naturalness without damaging. These collected products are processed and packaged in full automatic and hygienic factories that are ISO 22000: 2005, IFS and BRC certified and according to the tables of our esteemed customers. More than 10 on-site refrigerated truck fleet can be made 24 hours 7 days with transport logistics network, which also owns the Öz Kahil, ekeonomik proceeds going towards growth as a successful and takes its place among Upon our strong company in turkey. In summary; Öz Kahil, which is a company that carries out all kinds of processes according to processing, packaging, packaging and shipment, has started the gathering phase which has technological infrastructure and has already a successful name in the distribution of fruits and vegetables abroad.


In 2014; Öz Kahil, who started in the vegetable, fruit and citrus sector, has taken firm steps towards becoming a reliable brand since its inception and has never given up its stance. Continues to work without compromising honesty and reliability. As a result of qualified, original, solid and reliable brand understanding, the most important for Öz Kahil is the 100% customer satisfaction it creates in its customers. The fundamental principle of Öz Kahil; to meet the needs and expectations of customers in a quality, reliable, reliable and economic products to collect, process and offer to consumption. Öz Kahil has become one of the most sought-after brands as a result of its meticulous, self-sacrificing and disciplined works by bringing quality products together with its customers all over the world.


As Öz Kahil, providing quality performance in our business as in every part of our lives, and having honest, reliable, ethical and moral values ​​has become one of our main principles. In line with these principles, we have made each of our staff our solution partners at the same time. In addition, in order to ensure that our solution partners have a direct and direct contribution to our development and growth, to ensure our product quality and to create hygiene conditions, we have provided them with internal and external trainings and thus provided their technical development. On the other hand, we have taken all necessary precautions for occupational safety and health. With our approach to providing quality performance, we have kept the motivation of our staff constantly high and evaluated their performance without discriminating among our employees. We rewarded our solution partners whose performances were high, provided them equal conditions and formed a relationship between them based on creativity.


Öz Kahil adopts environmental policy as the main culture at every moment of his activities since he knows that the products are born from the soil, mature in the miraculous nature of the nature and will be transferred from generation to generation thanks to the attentive hands. In order to transfer this culture in the best way, Öz Kahil chooses the companies that produce agricultural products that do not harm the environment, human and animal health, and protects natural resources. Most important is; It ensures the safety of food by keeping traceability and sustainability conditions in the forefront in agriculture throughout the production of the products. It gives importance to human health and nature protection.


In addition to the value we give to our country’s market, the value we give to exports has accelerated our logistics activities in our corporate structure. In order to provide fast and accurate solutions to market demands and to preserve the freshness and naturalness of our products in the soil, we provide services to our companies in many European countries, especially Romania, by creating our logistics group.