Describe the family of Sedefitgiller. 3-6 m. It is a tree that can be sorted and does not plow its leaves in winter. The crust of the trunk and branches is dark grid. The large leaves with almighty string, elliptical shape are light green colored, dermis textured and pointed tips. It is one of the most well known citrus species. .Mouse is primarily used for water, meat and shell are used in cooking and baking in the oven. it gives a sour piquant taste.




The orange (Citrus sinensis), a member of the citrus family and one of the most structurally members of this family, grows in greyish-looking trees that can grow up to 12 meters in length. Frequently leafy orange trees can give a large number of oranges at once. It is grown in orange with reddish orange. Oranges can be mixed with other citrus fruits such as grapefruit and mandarin.




Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) is a fruit species belonging to the family of citrus (Rutaceae) growing in temperate climate. It has orange, yellow tangerine, meaty and juicy structure. Smaller than Partakaland, round or flat, yellow-orange colored, usaresi sweet, fragrant fruit. Mandarin shells are thinner than oranges and can be easily peeled off.




The grapefruit crust is yellow or pink. Fruit is botanically known as hesperedium. The grapefruit core varies from pink to almost red. Grapefruit is bigger and yellowish than orange. Varieties: White Grapefruit and Red Grapefruit.