Tomatoes, which are indispensable to the meals, are a plant species from the Eggplant family. Although it is known as vegetable, it is mainly in the fruit category. Lycopene is one of the most effective and powerful antioxidants which gives tomato red color. For this reason, regular consumption of tomatoes will have a protective effect against cancer.




• Onion is the general name of all plants, including the Allium family of the Sogangil family. In particular, Allium is used to describe the façade and can be called “garden onion” in this sense. It is used to flavor the pears and green leaves. It strengthens the immune system.

• It cleans the blood.

• The body increases resistance and gives strength to the body.

• Antibacterial and pain reliever substances are included.

• Accumulate harmful substances and water in the body.




It is undoubtedly the minerals and vitamins it contains that are beneficial for the health of the ascetic. It also contains vitamins C, E and K. In addition, potassium, magnesium, sodium is very rich in terms of.




The potato is more than 7000 years old and has become the main food item in Andesite. It was introduced to Spain at the beginning of the 16th century, but only in the continental and the UK, it was only heavily grown in the 18th century.Patates are a good vegetable for all meals and can be made from thousands of ways: grill, casserole.




Cucumbers are a must-have, healing source of cucumbers or cucumbers, especially in the spring season. Having a long history, cucumber is a food that has been consumed since ancient times. Almost everywhere in the world, cucumber has been placed in the kitchen for quite some time and is also considered one of the most popular fruit.




Although the pumpkin is perceived as a plant with a general look, it is considered fruit because it contains seed. Pumpkin belongs to one of four families of Cucurbitaceae family. The pumpkin is preserved in a thick shell with its naive structure. Mexico and Central America discovered about 7500 years ago. In the summer months, the pumpkin is usually cooked and consumed.



The adjacent petal is a herbaceous plant from the family of the Merlin Eggplant family. Fruits are both fresh green, dried and eaten. The motherland is thought to be Central America. There are varieties such as pointed pepper and bell pepper. It grows well in hot spots. Since fresh vitamin C is found in fresh pepper, it is used for medicines. An alkioid called «Capsaicin», which gives peppers a taste of spicy taste.